Past Retreats


Every year we have a birthday. Every year we gain a little more experience. How do we collect the events in our lives and mine the gold that is in them? Rabbi Shalomi wrote a book “From Age-ing to Sage-ing.”  This upcoming  SoulCollage® retreat will explore some of his insights about the power in age advancement and consider their application. 
Along with like-minded souls, you will be invited to harness the power of Spirit and consider the harvesting and holding of wisdom.

The Archetypal Power of the Holidays: A SoulCollage Mini Retreat

What is an archetype? An archetype, also known as “universal symbol,” may be a character, a theme, a symbol, or even a setting that is compelling.  When we have complicated feelings around the holidays and feel pulled by many priorities, it could be an activation of some Holiday archetypes.
Exploration and reflection can help! You can position your heart to receive the gifts of the season by exploring the archetypes that are involved for you. This mini-retreat is designed to assist in this journey.
Join kindred spirits on the path to discovering what is getting in the way and what you want to “birth” during the Holiday Season.

Summer Soul Renewal

Using SoulCollage® and the Enneagram

Spend a day with like-minded souls
Learn about aspects of your personality through enneagram survey and intuitive  practices
Become acquainted with supportive energies from the universe and gifts from your community
Use the cards to make interpretive readings.
Participate in guided meditations and relaxation exercises
Embrace your enneagram type and visually cultivate balancing practices
Put images to feelings in ways that enlighten and enliven

The Divine Feminine

Calling all Goddesses! 
Spend a day honoring the divine feminine!Bring a sister, mother, daughter, aunt or niece for a fun and deepening experience. Using SoulCollage® and other empowering tools such as meditation, visualization, and ritual, participants will discover and recover the power that is found in feminine energy. 

Love Journeys

Reflect and commit to your intentions for greater self care in the new year! UsingSoulCollage® and other empowering tools such as meditation, visualization and ritual, participants will honor their love journeys and invite new energy